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Thief of Thieves #1

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Talking about "Hot" comic books is always a touchy subject. Everyone's criteria for what constitutes a "Hot" comic book is a little different. The divides in opinion grow even wider as soon as discussion switches to the future of said "Hot" books. Will they continue to rise, have they peaked, are they starting to fall. All of these questions are relevant when looking at what is or isn't a 'Hot' book. Lastly, what is hot today may not be hot tomorrow. The opening picture for this page is a copy of the ComicsPro variant of Thief of Thieves #1. Some day you will be reading this sentence and the picture will likely have changed. Only the market can decide what it will change to.

Enter! This section will reflect our on going attempt to track the hot comic books within the comic book industry. By nature this section will appeal to speculators looking for what the next big thing might be. At the same time, this information is relevant for collectors who want to get in ahead of the curve on quality books, or back issues they may have over looked. A collector with a budget should care, for a book they may be interested in, can and will be priced out of their range if it gets hot.

Several factors tend to make a comic book get hot. Whether its rumors of future TV & Movie plans, the introduction of a new character, or the rediscovery of an old one, has you covered. The table below is an ever growing list of trending comic books, divided by the most common reason for its rise in price. -- Movie and TV - Confirmed

The books here involve existing movies and shows confirmed to be being produced:

Movies (Active & Confirmed)
Captain America 2

Cap. America 14

Cap. America 117

ToS 75

ToS 84

Guardians of the Galaxy

MSH 18

Marvel Preview 4

Marvel Preview 7

Strange Tales 180

TTA 13

Guardians 1


Iron Man 55

ToS 52

ToS 57

Marvel 26

Infinity 1

BattleScars 1

Ant Man

TTA 27

TTA 44

JIM 93

Superman Vs Batman

TV Shows (Active & Confirmed)
Walking Dead

WD #1

WD #2

WD #6

WD #19

WD #27

WD #93

WD #100 R.A.


ST 135

Battle Scars 1


More Fun 73

Green Lantern 76 -- Movie and TV - Rumors

Here we have the speculator's favorite category. The books here involve existing TV shows and movies either optioned or rumored to be being produced:

TV Shows (Optioned & Rumored)
Image & Indie

Chew 1

ToT 1

PP 1

Revival 1

Sixth Gun 1

Rachel Rising 1


HfH 1

Alias 1


Movies (Optioned & Rumored)

MSH 12

MSH 13

Ms. Marvel 1


ST 36

OM 2

Image -- Hot Characters

The books in this category are first appearances that are currently trending up. Detective comics 27 isn't exactly what we mean here if you catch the drift. More like Batman Adventures 12:


BA 13



New X-Men 128

New Mutants 98

New Mutants 87 -- Hot Series

Last but not least, where collectors and speculators both can smile. The books here involve comic book series that are well reviewed or trending higher. Talent, art, and critical review gets you on this list:


Saga 1 RRP

Saga 1



Batman 1 -- Hot Issues

The books in this category are single issues or variants that are trending up. Low print runs, damaged shipments, recalled comics, surprise hits and more: